Limerick Kindness Festival


Limerick Kindness Festival

Pay it Forward Festival of Kindness 2017

This year, we are taking things one step further and from Saturday 11th to Friday 17th March, we will host our Third Limerick Kindness Festival in Limerick city. During this time, our team of volunteers, local businesses and the people of Limerick who are embracing Pay it Forward will be busy carrying out intentional acts of kindness. This will include little gestures such as restaurants giving free tea or coffee to a customer or children baking buns and delivering them to the unsung heroes of the community. We will be encouraging the people who receive these act of kindness to then carry it on in return to someone else, creating the ripple effect.

We have lots planned for the festival including meditation and mindfulness sessions, a kayaking programme and kindness in sport, all free and open to all members of the public. There will be ‘kindness zones’ throughout the city, as well as a family fun day with lots of events such as face painting, balloons and many other surprises.

Click here to download our flyer of events.

Kindness Festival Brochure

Our aim for the Limerick Kindness Festival is to create a ripple effect; that the ripple will develop into a wave of kindness and that people will continue to carry out acts of kindness for the duration of the festival and throughout the rest of the year. We want to change the mentality of everyone in Limerick so that Paying it Forward becomes our way of life and something we do on a daily basis!